Can your business idea for a coaching institute be successful?

Send us a summary of your business idea which answers the questions provide below to get an assessment. This summary should be a minimum of 1 page and a maximum of 3 pages.

You get feedback on

  • Problem Identification
  • Product/Service Feasibility
  • Market Feasibility
  • Communication Style
  • Recommendations on next steps you should take to improve your work


The summary of your business idea should cover

What is the need that your business will satisfy?

Every business exists because of some noticeable opportunity that you have discovered within the market. So you must clearly define the need and/or problem you are solving with this business.

How will your business satisfy this need?

Introduce and describe the business itself

Who is your target consumer?

Describe your consumer and explain why they will buy your product/service

How does your company differentiate itself?

Describe your competition and what your competitive advantage is

How will the product/service be promoted and sold/offered?

Describe your plan of promoting your product/service.

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