Classes with Competitions

How To Wow Recruiters With Your Profile

Kavita Singh, CEO and Founder, Futureworks Consulting

How to Become One of India's Top Beauty Writers

Vasudha Rai, ex Beauty Editor Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Women's Health

How to Build a Successful Beauty Brand in India

Vivek Sahni, CEO and Founder, Kama Ayurveda

How to Launch a Sustainable Health Foods Business

Seema Jajodia, CEO and Founder, Nourish Organics

How to Create a Profitable Coaching Institute

Kavita Singh, CEO and Founder, Futureworks Consulting

How to Launch a Profitable Restaurant/Bar

Rakshay Dhariwal, MD & Owner, PCO, ATM, Ping's, Jamun

How to Become a Successful Executive Chef

Rahul Gomes Pereira, Rahul Gomes Pereira, Executive Chef, Passcode Hospitality



Win an Apprenticeship with Rahul Vijay, Fashion Editor, Elle

Do you have the skills to become a celebrity stylist?
Upload a video of you styling someone and explain the choices you made and why.

Win a 30 min Mentoring Session with Lahnie Strange, Senior Vice President, Estee Lauder, New York

Do you have a great idea for a beauty product or business?
Upload a video or PDF of your product idea or business plan to enter.

Win and get your beauty writing published!

Win and get your articles published on
Submit a beauty article (minimum 500 words) or a beauty video (minimum 3 minutes) to compete and win!

Win a Month Long Mentorship Program with Nourish Organics

Win a month long mentorship program
Submit a product or business idea you have in health foods (minimum 1 page) to win!

Win feedback on your restaurant concept from the founder of Passcode Hospitality.

Win a Mentoring Session with Rakshay
Submit a concept note or business plan you have for a restaurant (minimum 1 page) to win!

What to start a tutoring business? Win feedback on your business plan!

Win a 30 minute mentoring session & review your business plan with Kavita Singh
Submit a product or business idea you have (minimum 1 page) to win!


Are Your Interview Skills Strong Enough to Get You the Job?
Is Your Resume Strong Enough to Get You an Interview Call?
Do You Have the Skills to Become a Lifestyle Writer (Beauty, Fashion, Health or Travel)?
Is your business idea for a beauty brand strong enough?
Is your idea for a health food business worth pursuing?
Do you have a strong business idea for a restaurant?
Can your business idea for a coaching institute be successful?

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